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TURN2X launches first commercial plant in Miajadas, joins ERLG to increase energy resilience for Europe with renewable natural gas

Miajadas, Spain – 15.03.2024. As the energy industry evolves from the era of announcements and pilot projects to a focus on commercial viability, TURN2X stands at the forefront with the inauguration of its first commercial …
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Call for a European Energy Resilience Strategy

At its second Annual Meeting at the Munich Security Conference 2024, the ERLG calls on political leaders to make energy resilience part and parcel of the new political cycle at EU level.
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Malta closes funding to deploy its long-duration energy storage system

Siemens Energy Ventures, Alfa Laval and existing shareholders help Malta accelerate the global transition  to a secure and decarbonized energy future.
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Cleantech Guarantees: Advancing Decarbonization by Financing Production Facilities

The Energy Resilience Leadership Group, in collaboration with over 20 European think tanks and leading European cleantech manufacturers, has issued a compelling open letter that emphasizes the critical role of the Guarantee Facility managed …
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Energy Resilience Leadership Group meets in Brussels

Today, the Energy Resilience Leadership Group, a ‘coalition of the willing’ working to accelerate the deployment of emerging clean technologies that can reduce the demand for natural gas, is convening in Brussels.
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The Partnership Expected to Transform a German Coal Mining Region

Philipp Offenberg (Breakthrough Energy), Eric Dresselhuys (ESS) and Thorsten Kramer (LEAG) about scaling up iron flow technology for long-duration energy storage.
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LEAG and ESS to develop Clean Energy Hub for Germany 

LEAG to develop up to 14 GW of renewable generation paired with 2-3 GWh of energy storage and 2 GW of green hydrogen production.
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Fostering Energy Resilience in Europe

Accelerating clean technology solutions at the intersection of climate and energy security.
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Why Energy Resilience is Essential for Global Security

We approach the one-year mark of the most severe challenge to global security in decades. The brutal invasion of Ukraine has shaken foundational democratic principles to their core and brought into focus a factor …

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