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TURN2X launches first commercial plant in Miajadas, joins ERLG to increase energy resilience for Europe with renewable natural gas

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Miajadas, Spain – 15.03.2024. As the energy industry evolves from the era of announcements and pilot projects to a focus on commercial viability, TURN2X stands at the forefront with the inauguration of its first commercial plant in Miajadas, Spain. This first of a kind commerical plant marks a significant milestone for the industry to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). 

Renewable natural gas is produced by two ingredients. First green hydrogen is produced through the electrolysis of water, utilizing renewable electricity sources such as wind and solar power. It is then combined in TURN2X’s patented reactor with biogenic CO2. A noteworthy aspect of this methodology is its exceptional heat reuse capability, allowing for energy efficiency rates of over 90%.
Output of that process is green methane, or RNG, which is not only CO2 neutral but also integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure originally used for fossil fuels. This includes making full use of the extensive network of natural gas pipelines, spanning over 2 million kilometers, and tapping into more than 1000 TWh of gas storage capacity currently available making it the largest “battery “ in Europe. 
The modular nature of this technology facilitates a faster permitting process compared to traditional energy mega-projects, significantly reducing time to market. Additionally, as it allows for investment in smaller, more manageable segments rather than necessitating large one off sum it makes it much easier to finance it. Importantly, RNG has the potential to compete with fossil natural gas prices, particularly in regions with carbon pricing mechanisms such as the EU ETS, offering a viable, cost-effective alternative for energy-intensive industries and utilities seeking to provide their customers with sustainable energy options.

In a strategic effort to broaden its impact, TURN2X has joined the Energy Resilience Leadership Group (ERLG), a collaborative initiative spearheaded by Breakthrough Energy and Siemens Energy. The ERLG was founded during the Munich Security Conference in 2023, amidst the war between Ukraine and Russia and an energy crisis that underscored the vulnerabilities of relying on fossil natural gas as a geopolitical weapon. The core mission of the ERLG is to reduce dependence on fossil natural gas from Russia, aligning perfectly with TURN2X's production of renewable natural gas within Europe, thus contributing significantly to the continent's energy independence.

With the inauguration of its commercial plant in Miajadas, TURN2X is at the forefront of the transition towards a more sustainable energy sector. Its cutting-edge technology, combined with strategic partnerships and a strong commitment to sustainability, positions TURN2X as a key player in the global movement towards a net-zero carbon future. The Miajadas facility shows that the time of announcements is over and the time to replace fossil fuels is today.

Close-up view of TURN2X's first commercial plant in Miajadas, Spain, with joined facilities in the background.

About TURN2X

TURN2X is a scale-up which developed patented technology to produce renewable natural gas. With a focus on efficiency, cost competitiveness, and environmental stewardship, TURN2X is dedicated to advancing the green energy transition through innovative solutions that meet the needs of today's energy-intensive industries.

About the Energy Resilience Leadership Group

The Energy Resilience Leadership Group is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by Breakthrough Energy and Siemens Energy that brings together corporate CEOs, political leaders, financial institutions, and startups at the technology frontier. The Group was launched at the 2023 Munich Security Conference with the goal to enhance Europe’s energy resilience by rapidly bringing emerging climate technologies to scale. ERLG forges partnerships between startups and corporates to work towards deploying commercially viable projects. .

By Philip Kessler on March 14, 2024
Photo of Philip Kessler, TURN2X

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