Logo of ERLG – Energy Resilience Leadership Group
Logo of ERLG – Energy Resilience Leadership Group



ERLG – building Europe's energy resilience one project at a time 

The Energy Resilience Leadership Group is a coalition that brings together CEO’s, policy makers, financial institutions, and startups to strengthen Europe’s energy resilience.


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Pioneering cleantech collaboration announced at Breakthrough Energy Summit in London Malta Inc. (“Malta”), a pioneering company in electro-thermal long-duration energy storage solutions, and BBVA, a leading global financial institution, whose corporate goals align with …
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Berlin, Germany – 08.05.2024. Today's meeting of the Energy Resilience Leadership Group convened a who-is-who of Germany's leading foundations, senior policymakers including Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, Cleantech Entrepreneurs, as well as Breakthrough Energy founder Bill …
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Miajadas, Spain – 15.03.2024. As the energy industry evolves from the era of announcements and pilot projects to a focus on commercial viability, TURN2X stands at the forefront with the inauguration of its first commercial …
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Technological solutions are available. The problem is implementation. That's why we get together those who can implement climate solutions on a larger scale.

Christian Bruch, President and CEO of Siemens Energy


We bring together climate tech startups with CEOs from industry, policy-makers and the financial sector to identify, implement, and accelerate clean energy projects.

Together, we enhance Europe’s energy resilience by rapidly bringing emerging climate technologies to scale and deploying commercially viable projects within 24 months.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally changed the world. The fallout from this aggression was swift: affordable, readily available energy quickly becoming scarce, unaffordable, and weaponized.

Longstanding concerns about climate change were swiftly joined by concerns about energy security. But it’s precisely the technologies that will lay the groundwork for a net-zero world that will also make us more secure.

This is where ERLG comes into play. Our aim is to bring politics, industry, and the financial world together to jointly remove obstacles in order to help technologies quickly and effectively achieve a breakthrough and reduce Europe's dependence on natural gas.

Official group photo of ERLG members at the Munich Security Conference 2024


The Energy Resilience Leadership Group brings together those that can deploy climate solutions at greater scale.

In Europe, the highest priority must be given to the sectors that consume the most natural gas in power, in industry, and in buildings. These are the challenges the group will address through:

• Accelerating electrification by building out long-duration energy storage and improving power transmission.
• Strengthening Europe’s industrial base by leveraging zero-carbon sources of industrial heat.
• Keeping people warm affordably by renovating commercial and residential buildings to rapidly improve energy efficiency and dependability.

Achieving these goals requires a new generation of public-private partnerships that can quickly deploy new technology solutions and leverage all that the parties have to offer: from big industrial players and climate tech startups at the technology frontier to committed financiers and visionary policy-makers.

The deployment of emerging clean technologies is often slowed by unsuitable regulatory framework conditions and a lack of public financial support measures. We will work with policy-makers to remove these barriers: for example, by accelerating permitting procedures, creating an appropriate electricity market design, and appropriating public support instruments.

There is a great need to build bridges between climate tech providers, policy makers, industrial players and financial institutions. This is the task of the ERLG.

Ann Mettler, Vice President, Europe at Breakthrough Energy


A group committed to action

We are a one-of-a-kind multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together climate tech startups, corporate CEOs, political leaders and financial institutions at the technology frontier.
Launched at the 2023 Munich Security Conference by Breakthrough Energy and Siemens Energy, the goal of ERLG is to enhance Europe’s energy resilience by rapidly bringing emerging climate technologies to scale and deploying commercially viable projects within 24 months.


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Interested in participating the ERLG?

Together, we can quickly develop concrete solutions to overcome barriers and make Europe a leader in clean energy technologies.


We are looking for partners that are committed to action. You’re a company that is

• operating in Europe with dependency on natural gas,
• willing to replace your natural-gas energy dependency with zero-emissions technologies,
 willing to mobilize resources to scale up emerging clean technologies, and
• committed to collaborating with a group of diverse stakeholders to scale up projects.

Then join us!


We are looking for startups whose lighthouse technologies

• are cost competitive with natural gas,
• result in significant replacement or reduction of natural gas consumption,
• significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and
• are nearly ready to scale up or, ideally, be ready to undertake an initial commercial project.

Does this apply?
Then get in touch with us.


You are willing to advise projects, align capital, and/or directly invest your capital in emerging clean-tech and climate-tech projects?

Then please let us know.

How to get involved

Together, we can quickly develop concrete solutions to overcome barriers and make Europe a leader in clean energy technologies. Join us.

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